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May 19th, 2008 – YuuZoo, the fast growing new global mobile content, media and advertising firm has joined forces with Celebrity Astrologer Maria Shaw to provide top-notch astrologic advice and daily horoscopes to mobile device users around the world.

Called YuuStars (available at and ), the new service is accessible by more than 1 billion mobile users in Asia, Europe and the US.

“I’m thrilled to be able to offer my audience a unique opportunity to receive my daily horoscopes instantaneously,” explains Shaw. “With YuuZoo I can reach people worldwide, enabling me to reach new demographics and create an ever larger fan base.”


The star of CBS radio’s Psychic Radio Network, Maria Shaw can be heard Monday through Friday worldwide at Whether you’re a faithful reader of her popular horoscope column in the National Enquirer, tune into her radio talk show on CBS Radio or catch her guest appearances on national television; she’s a voice in the metaphysical world that millions have come to know and trust. She has nine books to her credit, published in six languages including Soul Mates and Cell Mates and The Enchanted Soul. Maria has appeared on VH1, MTV, Fox News, The Tony Danza Show, SoapNet, The Anna Nicole Show, The Oxygen Channel, Life and Style and many other programs. She is a regular contributor to more than sixty radio stations across the United States and also writes columns for Soap Opera Digest and Complete Woman. Maria has been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles and her weekly forecasts reached 69 million homes as the TV Guide Channel astrologer. Currently, she is currently touring across the county, promoting her latest book Maria Shaw’s Sun Signs.

Ron Creevey, President of YuuZoo, said “We aim to go beyond traditional mobile offerings with a broad array of popular subjects for our mobile subscribers and our YuuStars offering with Maria Shaw is a good example.  We are proud to team with Maria and we see a long and successful future in the stars together.”  YuuZoo Corporation has built a global distribution network that enables a personalized distribution of wireless value-added services and advertising to mobile end users worldwide, offering exciting new revenue possibilities to wireless content owners & developers, advertisers and media companies.

For more information on Maria Shaw, please visit or

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About YuuZoo     

YuuZoo ( ) operates globally, and today offers more than 1 billion consumers in North America, Europe and Asia the ability to subscribe to a wide range of content and services that they can download and use on their mobile devices.  Built on one of the industry’s most advanced and robust technology platforms and offering a huge library of content from close to 400 leading global and local content providers, YuuZoo can through its billing agreements with more than 160 carriers in close to 50 countries provide users across the world with a new mobile world at their fingertips.


In addition to content, the company offers a broad range of highly targeted advertising opportunities for advertisers wanting to reach the billions of mobile users worldwide.


Principal offices are located in Singapore, Los Angeles, New York and Helsinki.



Contact:  Steve Allen Media

Steve Allen-

Direct Number:  (661)255-8283

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Ever read about your zodiac sign and feel it really doesn’t resonate with you? I’ve heard many people do. That’s because you are so much more than the birth sign that you were born under. Astrologically speaking, I tell my clients that they really have three signs. There is a sun sign which is based on the day they were born, a rising sign a.k.a  the ascendant, which is based on their hour of birth and a moon sign which is based on the moon’s placement. All three of these “signs” represent you. Finding out and understanding how they work together can give you a better picture of who you truly are. Let’s examine each…..
Your Sun Sign- basically is how you shine. It represents who you are. For example If you were born June 29th, you would be a Cancer and probably have nurturing sensitive qualities. Picture the sun as being you and shining brightly. The qualities of your sun sign is what you radiate. Each zodiac sign has specific personality traits related to their sign.
Your Rising Sign a.k.a. The Ascendant, is how the world sees you. It is based on the exact time you were born. Every two hours, the rising sign changes. Depending on the day, time, year and location of birth, your rising sign could compliment your sun sign or be quite opposite. This is one of the reasons some people who read their horoscope say it doesn’t resonate, because they may have two different personalities at work here. Let say someone was Cancer with a Sagittarius rising sign. Sagittarius, is known for its free spirited nature and doesn’t want to be tied down. But if their sun sign is Cancer, they may indeed have Cancer traits and want to be “tied down’ by family and friends. This Sagittarius side may be more a rebel and risk taker! The rising sign represents how the world sees you and how you represent yourself to the world. You may be a Cancer but actually look like a Sagittarius and possess Archer qualities.
Your Moon Sign is based on the sign the moon falls in on the day of birth. The moon changes about every two and a quarter days. The moon rules your emotions and how you deal with feelings. In a woman’s chart, it can also rule her mother, her health and her home. In a man’s chart, it can also rule the woman he would have deep feelings for. So let’s say your moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Your characteristics would include very deep intense feelings and strong intuition. Your Scorpio moon could also make you a very private person. So following the other examples of the sun and rising sign, the Scorpio moon compliments the fellow water sign Cancer but contradicts some of the energy of the Sagittarius’ personality.
When you deal with issues emotionally, you are probably working your moon sign. When you out in the public, your rising sign is what people see first. It represents your physical appearance. So what you see is not necessarily what you get.Hopefully this information will clear up some of the questions many have had as to why they don’t relate to their sun sign. These folks may feel their vibration is much more related to their moon or rising signs. I also tell my clients to read their rising sign everyday in the horoscopes. It may provide a better indication of what is truly going to happen for the day than the sun sign horoscopes although both are valid. But do read both. Here’s something else I find interesting;  In Vedic theory, astrologers are not concerned with your sun sign. They are interested in reading your moon sign because this is what they consider to be the real essence of a person’s soul.

Maria Shaw is the Star of CBS Psychic Radio Network and the author of nine books published in seven languages. Tune into the Maria Shaw Show weeknights 9p.m. -12a.m EST on  Maria is also the National Enquirer astrologer and has appeared on VH 1, MTV, The Tony Danza Show, Fox News, Oxygen Channel and Soap Net. For info, visit

There was a strange experience many of us had at the Edgar Cayce Tour I organized in January in Virginia Beach. Some of you may have seen the tour on my website. I had the honor of speaking at the Edgar Cayce Institute in January. About 50 clients came with me for classes, etc. and about ten of us had a similar experience during this time together and at different times. The only way I can describe what happened is that the Angels turned back time. Let me tell you about my experience and then you’ll read what others wrote and experienced.

I was at the hotel, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get things organized for the afternoon classes at the institute realizing I was short on time and knew I would be running late. I still had to downtown, back to the hotel, make copies and change my clothes. It was 1:20 pm when I first glanced at my watch. I completed all of the above errands and arrived at the cayce bookstore to do some quick shopping. I was stressed to the max because I would be late for the 2pm class. I looked at my watch and could not believe my eyes! The time was only 1:20pm!! How could that be? It was not possible!!! I made a comment to the sales clerk that the angels must have turned the clock back for me. I joked that I had more time to shop now, which I did.

I did not think anything of the Angels turning back time until the very next day when Ben and Monica, two of my guests said, “Maria, we want to share something really strange that happened to us last night. It was real freaky.” I just knew what they were going to say next and I said, “Wait a second…did the Angeles turn the clock back for you?”

They look astonished that I knew and both said, “Yes!”

Here’s what happened in their own words from Ben and the from Monica:

“I believe that we experienced something of a time warp. Monica and I left the Cayce Institute right after class (about 5:30) and decided to look for a restaurant that we could go to later in the evening. We drove around for what seemed like a half hour (either the car’s clock or my watch was not correct). We went back to the hotel and decided to take a walk on the beach. The temperature was in the 60’s. The walk was fun and we were still checking the time not wanting to be late for Maria’s lecture at 7:30 (my watch or her cell phone time was not correct). The walk seemed to last for hours while we talked and enjoyed the time together. Something else strange happened. It seemed that people on the beach with their dogs did not see us. Their dogs would walk up to us to check us out but their owners never acknowledged our presence there! Still checking the time, which did not seem correct, we headed back to the hotel. When we got to Monica’s room, the time was still 5:30. It then seemed that time began to move forward after it stood still for so long. Monica and I talked until it was time for us to return to your lecture. I still get chills whenever I think about it. The universe gave us special time together. Thanks again for a wonderful time Maria!”

– Ben

“Dear Maria,

I heard that you wanted to know about the experience Ben and I had in Virginia Beach with time. So this is what happened. We were leaving the A.R.E. and both of us looked at the clock and noticed that it was 5:30pm. We both agreed that we had 2 hours until we needed to head back so we could you speak. We went out on a little drive and to use this time to explore a little as well. I remember saying that clock in my car did not seem right. After awhile we went back to the hotel and walked on the beach. It seemed like we were on the beach for a very long time. I looked at my cell phone again and said again that the time could not be right. I thought perhaps the phone was malfunctioning since turning it off. We said something about the time 3 different times while on the beach. We stayed on the beach and talked even though we felt it should have been time to head back to A.R.E. I remember while we were standing on the beach at two different times, two different dogs came up to us and ran around us displaying such happiness. We talked to the dogs and then they ran off. I thought that it seemed odd that the people that had the dogs did not seem to notice that we were standing there. (I thought of this later after we talked about this) When we decided it was probably time to be going, I needed to get something from my room so we stopped there first. I looked at the clock and it read 5:30 pm!! Ben and I both commented, we still have 2 hours?!! We had 2 hours until we needed to be back to A.R.E. After that time seemed to back to normal. We did not have any clue how long we talked but it seemed like we were on the beach for a very long time. We made it back to A.R.E. on time. I wish I had written of this experience just after it happened.”

– Monica Davis

Sherri Starr, a friend and psychic who works for me was also on the Cayce trip and here’s her experience:

“Dear Maria,

Amy and I had our alarm set and it kept going off 1 hour behind the actual time. So we started running around getting ready and did not think we had time for breakfast and coffee. I then looked at my watch and it said 1 hour later. I told Amy eithre my watch was going wacky or the alarm clock is. Se we went and had breakfast because we had to be at the Cayce Institute and did not want to be late. When we arrived, we were one hour early. It was that way during the entire trip! My watch kept stopping and it would always be 1 hour behind. When we got on the plane to come home and while in the air, my watch returned to its normal time. Since the trip, I have not had any problems with my watch. So whether it was the Cayce energy or Angels, it was certainly weird!”

– Sherri

And here is yet another letter. Becky and Dan from Caro, Michigan also joined us:

“Dear Maria,

At 6:00pm, Daniel, Jimmy and I went out to eat at the Outback Steak House. After the psychic fair, and then eating at the outback, the group met around 8:00 pm. We exchanged a lot of information and had a lot of laughs too. I was feeling a little tired and thought it was 11:00pm but in actuality it was only 9:00 pm. Time had seemed to slow down or was lost. I mentioned it to the group that time was moving very slowly and differently. Everyone agreed and shared some of thier experiences. Angela and Kristine shared with the group that they had lost an hour while exploring in the forest. Everyone felt time was different and we could do more things in a day. When Daniel and I arrived back in Michigan, I felt as if I had let lag. I slept for 12 to 13 hours for two nights. Somehow time had changed and my body could feel it too but themind could not process it. My experience in Virginia will always be remembered. Somehow, I am very different from when I went and cam home. It was a life changing event.”

And finally from our New Orleans friends:

“Hi Maria,

As you requested, this is an account of the walk Angelea and I experienced in the State park in Virginia Beach. We entered the park at a trail which was the site of a communal burial ground for the remains of many Chesapeake Indians discovered during an archeological dig.

We were enjoying the day and the re- constructed indian village that had been built to depict the manner in which these people lived. The huts, sweat lodge, fishing camp and other structures were somewhat far apart. We walked for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. I brought to Angelea’s attention that I found it odd that I had neither seen nor heard any animals or even insects.

As we talked further down the path, I began to spin around with my hands in the air just expressing the joy that I felt to be in this sacred place. Suddenly my attention was drawn to and incredible tree. It was towering above the rest in the area and its branches were in a configuration that seemed to beckon anyone who would see it.

It is difficult to explain the attraction and feelings I had at that moment for the tree. I called Angela’s attention to the tree, stating that it seemed almost magical. Angela suggested that we needed to hug the tree which we did. We stayed at the tree for what seemed a brief time. We then continued on our walk. It seemed as if the joggers and others on the trail did not even see us or acknowledge us. We continued walking and since we did not see any other exhibits, we decided to return to the car as we faced another 45 minutes to an hour trek back to the trail head.

We then began seeing the indian village exhibits very rapidly, where before we walked for longer periods of time between the exhibits. We were both confused and in wonder that our return walk took only 10 minutes.

We sat, incredulous, in the car upon our return and both wondered if we had not been in some unexplained time warp or other dimension.

It was an experience that neither of us will ever forget.”

– Kathleen

“Hi Maria,

It seems that you have already recieved an email from Kathleen about our experience in Virginia. I had also written an email but since Kathleen and I did not get a chance to review each others, you will have two.

I wrote a book…LOL…seems I just can not keep those words to a minimum…(Gemini trait I assume) and I understand fully that you do not have space to use this my version but I would like you to keep it for your records.

See you soon!!”

– Angela

I later found out more info on this forest in Angela and Kathleen visited. There is a deep forest in Virginia beach that is like a vortex…it has some unique energy that some psychics claim makes time stand still. It’s like we were in another dimension for a period of time. We are planning on another trip to the Cayce Institute next January and will be taking a side trip to the forest with anyone who wishes to join us. Because this was not an isolated experience and many in our group experienced the same phenomena happen, I knew I was not going crazy. I thought it would be good to share with you. More and more of us are having these unique experiences as our energies shift to a different and higher vibration. I know this may sound strange to some people but for those of you who are reading this and find it resonates, you understand what I am writing about. It’s a little scary but not in a bad way…you feel as if you are a part of something bigger than life. These spiritual experiences are a unique way to remind us that yes, there is something bigger than our own little world out there or at least what we percieve it to be!

These are the types of things that happen on many of our spiritual tours we offer each year. As many of you know, we are going to do another crystal minig trip in Arkansas. With each tour trip I plan, my intention is not only for you to have fun but also come away with some sort of spiritual experience. It is usually different for everyone. It’s also great traveling and getting to know people of like minds and I hope those of you who have not joined us yet on a trip, will consider one of the many we have planned over the next year or two.

Maria Shaw


Celebrity Astrologer Maria Shaw Headlines CBS’s New Psychic Radio Network
Los Angeles, CA – April 8, 2008 – Celebrity Astrologer Maria Shaw is headlining CBS radio’s new Psychic Radio Network (, a 24-hour online radio network with her live call-in show, The Maria Shaw Show.

This new worldwide CBS Radio-owned network will stream programming devoted to the burgeoning metaphysical and new age markets. The CBS-owned radio station WYCD out of Detroit, MI, is the home of the Psychic Radio Network. The network will be heard in all of CBS’s 120 markets around the country, as well as being streamed worldwide through and through all CBS Radio Streaming players including WYCD and

The Maria Shaw Show airs daily from 9 am to noon and again from 9 pm to midnight EST. As the star of the Psychic Radio Network, Maria Shaw will allow listeners and fans to call-in and share their personal experiences with ghosts, intuition, karma and spirituality.

Maria Shaw is America’s top celebrity astrologer. Whether you’re a faithful reader of her popular horoscope column in the National Enquirer, tune into her radio talk show on CBS Radio in Detroit or catch her guest appearances on national television; she’s a voice in the metaphysical world that millions have come to know and trust. She has nine books to her credit, published in six languages including Soul Mates and Cell Mates and The Enchanted Soul. Maria has appeared on VH1, MTV, Fox News, The Tony Danza Show, SoapNet, The Anna Nicole Show, The Oxygen Channel, Life and Style and many other programs. She is a regular contributor to more than sixty radio stations across the country and also writes columns for Soap Opera Digest and Complete Woman. Maria has been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles and her weekly forecasts reached 69 million homes as the TV Guide Channel astrologer. Currently, Maria is touring across the county, promoting her latest book Maria Shaw’s Sun Signs.


Steve Allen –
Direct Number: 661-255-8283
East Coast Office: 914-909-0764

I just have to share my personal story with you. For years, I have heard people mentioned the gem/mineral/stone Moldavite. I knew it was expensive and hard to find and never thought I would own a piece but it peaked my interest. This past year, I have had several clients ask me to offer moldavite for purchase. I told them I would look, but never ran across any that was reasonable priced.Last week, my friend, Kip’s dad went to a huge international gem show and showed me some pieces he had purchased for resale. I asked him to tell me more about them. He said that moldavite is very rare and usually very expensive. He knew a gentlemen that mined it for over a year and only was able to fill a ring tray with raw pieces. That is why it is so expensive. It can only be found in one area of the world and is very limited in quantity.

He showed me a necklace made of moldavite. I was curious because it just seemed to shine brightly; like nothing I had ever seen. But I don’t think I was seeing this piece through my eyes, but through my “third eye”. It was as if I was seeing the necklace’s aura glow (it’s energy glow).

As you all know, gems, minerals and crystals have healing properties and vibrate to specific energies. We are drawn to the stones our body, mind and spirit needs at specific times in our lives. Like I said, I had always heard about Moldavite and people spoke of it with such “awe” and reverence but I never figured I would ever own a piece. Until now. Some people say the crystals find you. You do not find them. I know what that means. I was not “supposed” to go back to visit my friend one more time last week. But my other necklace broke and I needed it repaired so went to see my friend who I knew would fix it for me ASAP. At the same time, he was just receiving a package from his dad of this Moldavite.

I asked him to borrow his crystal book to read more. This is what it said: Moldavite it tektite which was found in Czechoslovakia during meteoritic action that was formed over 15 million years ago and is the only known gem quality of extraterrestrial origin. It is the rarest form. Moldavite is a stone to serve the inhabitants of earth and helps prepare of for a shift in consciousness and in preparation to grow to the next level of consciousness.

I wrote about this in my most recent newsletter!!!

After reading more, I told Kip that, yes I needed to have this necklace. I thought it was a lot of money to pay but he gave me a good deal. He told me that the stone would have an effect on me and I would have to get used to the energy. I didn’t understand what he meant but I put the necklace on, walked out of his door, went down the street and I felt something hit in me right in the chest! I was coming out of my skin and it was all I could do to keep control. Then I thought maybe this necklace was not right for me….not good for me. I thought I was going to go over the edge any minute but managed to “ground” myself. My body was feeling tingling, especially my chest and on upwards; especially my heart chakra.

I didn’t even make it home when I called Kip and asked “what is going on?” He just laughed and said you will have to get used to the energy. “This is the most powerful stone ever. Some people cannot get used to the energy right away. It may take you a couple of days”. I decided to keep wearing the necklace and trust Kip’s advice, as he has worked with the crystal world since he was a young boy.

I showed my friends the necklace that evening and they could not believe I actually found a piece! One of my Scorpio friends put the necklace on and exclaimed “I can feel the energy. Ooh! It is so powerful. My hand is tingling!” Others crowded around to see the necklace and admire it. They all knew it was special. I felt so open….so vulnerable….but yet also, so very alive with this piece.

When I got home that night, I put my hand in my coat pocket and reached for the information card Kip had given me on Moldavite. I never read it until then. Here’s what it read:

“Moldavite is the product of a meteorite collision with the Earth nearly 15 million years age. It fell over what is now called the Moldavite River valley. These green gems are among the most rare numerals on the earth. They have been prized by humans for thousands of years and are still given as gifts from royalty to royalty. In legend, it is believed that Moldavite was the green stone in the Holy Grail and has the power to quicken one’s spiritual evolution.”

Even people even those not sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy of Moldavite. Many sense it as heat, tingling or a pulsating sensation in their hand. Others feel a rush of energy thought heir body, usually upwards out of the top of their heads. Moldavite’s high vibrational energy is a powerful chakra opener, particularly at the heart and above. Sleeping with Moldavite activates the dream state. Wearing it helps manifest positive change.

Friends, I have to tell you that after a week, I am wearing my necklace and am in tune and attuned to its energy. My mind seems to be more open and more aware of the “truth” in life and my direction. I have never ever felt like this before…so assured of my decisions, thoughts, actions, etc. When I am pondering a question or thought, I immediately seem to have the “right” answer. In the past, I would analyze things to death but now, I ask myself something, the answer comes and I do not question it. It is as if my heart, mind, soul and body are all in agreement. This is so weird but not in a bad way. I feel as confident in my thoughts and I also feel as if I am operating on a higher frequency level than I was last week. The information card my friend gave me also said moldavite will help me in the dream state, The first night I purchased it, I had a wonderful dream and I remember waking up, feeling assured about everything in life, that all would be well and that I would make the right decisions for anything that came my way. I felt so much peace. It is hard to explain so I hope you are understanding what I am writing. I have never had such an experience because of a gemstone/mineral before. Even if this is just psychological, it is a good thing too. But if the Moldavite is indeed doing what it is said to be able to do……I ask myself, why did I not find it sooner? Probably because I was not ready for it. If you read my last newsletter, I wrote of how many of us are operating in a higher frequency these days. Moldavite may be part of my frequency shift.

I was so excited about my discovery that I asked my friend if I could purchase whatever moldavite he had so I could offer it to my clients and friends. I was only about to get about 7 pieces; 2 pendants set in silver and 5 rings set in silver. They are unisex and are raw moldavite. They are more expensive than what I usually sell but if you do some research you will see why. It is sold by the gram. The pieces I have range in price of $50 to $165. The rings can be sized. I will have them at the psychic fairs for purchase or you can call me. These were all my friend had and could get. It is rare to find them set in jewelry pieces.

I feel like a different person and also a better person if that makes sense. I feel even more spiritual and have not been able to think or hold a negative thought for very long. I have not found myself complaining about anything but looking at all things from a positive perspective. If Moldavite and my experience interests you, I would be happy to share more of my experiences with you. From time to time, I like to offer these with you.

Maria Shaw’s Psychic Fun Fair returns to Hot Springs next weekend, gives city’s horoscope

The Sentinel-Record

Celebrity astrologer and nationally syndicated radio talk show host and writer Maria Shaw will be back in Hot Springs next weekend for her Psychic Fun Fair. Shaw and 13 talented “intuitives,” including paranormal investigator Amy Donahue and pet psychics, will offer their supernatural services from 7 p.m. to midnight Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday in the Springs Hotel and Spa, 135 Central Ave. All of the psychics have been hand-picked by Shaw, “Hollywood’s favorite astrologer.” Shaw has done readings for the late Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake, to name a few. She can be heard locally on KLAZ three times a week, on CBS Detroit . She has appeared on VH1, MTV, Fox News, and many daytime talk shows.

As an author, Shaw has nine books to her credit, such as “Soul Mates and Cell Mates and The Enchanted Soul,” and writes horoscope columns for the National Enquirer, Soap Opera Digest, and Complete Woman. Her latest book is called “Maria Shaw’s Sun Signs.”

Admission to the fair is $5. Readings are $10 each. Once inside the fair, attendees may have their aura pictures taken and read.

Earlier this week, Shaw requested the date of incorporation for the city of Hot Springs. An inquiry to the city’s public information officer turned up the date May 29, 1876. Using this as the city’s “birthday” she did a reading for the city. Following is her horoscope for Hot Springs.

“Hot springs is a Gemini city, so it’s a place with two personalities or two industries; but most definitely a place for fun! I believe it has a Virgo moon. Good place for healing.”

“When we think of Gemini, we think of communication, travel, children, writing, reading. I bet your city has children programs or strives to take care of its children. You could be a hot bed for great writers and teachers and medical professionals.”

“Hot Springs is seen in two ways by people. They really get it or they don’t. They can see the beauty and feel the energy or they may think it is just another southern town.”

“Hot Springs’ big growth years are 2013-2014. Now to late 2009 there could be real estate problems or delays with growth because of government red tape. Hot Springs could lose an important woman figure in the next two years if it already has not. But the overall theme is fun. “It has a childlike quality to its energy, a place to play and let your hair down – not like New Orleans, but like a child would. It is a place where people can capture the essence and simple pleasures of their childhood.”

Shaw said Hot Springs seems to be “insulated” from the economic downturn around the country, especially the Midwest and states where foreclosures rates are high, such as Florida, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada and California, where things “are spiraling downward,” she said.

“Hot Springs seems to be insulated from this, as do some other pockets of the country, say for instance the Salem-Winston (N.C.) area,” Shaw wrote.

Part of this economic downtown, she writes, is due to Pluto’s transit to Capricorn, the sign of world structure, since Jan. 25. This hasn’t happened since the American Revolution era of 1776. Pluto will remain in Capricorn through 2023.

“I am not predicting war here in the U.S., but I am feeling a strong sense of life as we know it breaking down the old structures of government and rebuilding them,” Shaw wrote.

Shaw also predicts that the housing crisis will “hit rock bottom in August 2009, when the north node moves into the sign of Capricorn, and housing booms are anticipated when the north node moves into the sign of Cancer, closer to 2018.”

“We can expect our world to change in a big way. We’re seeing that with the government spending and debt, the war in Iraq, the gas prices escalating, the devaluation of the dollar, people losing jobs. But this is a cycle and as we have learned over our lives, every thing runs in cycles. In order for there to be rebirth, something has to die,” Shaw wrote by e-mail.

At the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach in January, Shaw gave her annual prediction lecture on the state of the economy. She told the audience that what America is being pushed to do is transform its economy so it can sustain everyone in a spiritual, financial and nurturing way.

“There has been so much greed in society, in the corporate world and with government, for so long, that we’ve now come to a breaking point. The economy we have now is bound to go bust, as everything is so leveraged that when one thing goes bad, there’s a massive ripple effect. Right now things look bleak with the decline of the dollar and loss of jobs, etc., but this is all part of the breaking down and rebuilding, the restructuring we must go through to get to better times. Kind of like the Revolutionary War … breaking from the old traditional ways as our forefathers did to build a country that can sustain itself.”

On a personal level, Shaw says she is recommending that people hold onto their jobs and make themselves “invaluable employees, stash some cash and don’t go out and charge a lot on credit cards.”

“Live within your means,” Shaw says. “By 2012, we should see an upturn, and by 2017, a much easier way of life and again, as I have been saying, a sustainable way of life and economy for everyone.”